Carmichael family minus one.

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At this time in my life I am trying to discover who I am. I know that sounds a bit strange since most “mom blog” writers know who they are and appear to be exceptional at steering the wheel down their road of life.

Through these post it become clear as to why I am trying to discover who I am.

I’m that mom, like every mom, I wear many hats. I’m also that mom that works to keep a schedule, keep a tidy home, forgets the grocery list, works to be on time, forgets to look at the calendar, and goes overboard at Christmas so that my kids believe in the magic of Christmas. And, because I try to be that mom I sometimes double book myself, never get the house clean enough, forget what I went to the grocery store for, always running late, and get my kids up and dressed for school then realizing – no school.

I’m that mom who is learning the new role handed to me, widow, and what it demands. I am a believer in the Word, storyteller, beader, self-crocheter, essential oil girl, Lipsence girl, Chalk Couture Designer, and exhausted.

If another person can learn from my experiences then writing this blog is worth it.