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The Tracks of my Tears

As July 11th approaches I find myself having one emotional moment after another.  Why?  July 11th would have been mine and Eric’s sixth wedding anniversary.  These are the hard dates to get through – the dates that belong to you.  Wedding anniversary, birthdays, kids’ birthdays – these are the dates we celebrated in a big way.  Now, for me, these dates do bring up … Read More The Tracks of my Tears

The Hardest Conversation You Must Have: How and what to expect when planning a loved ones funeral Part 1

After you meet the love of your life and you discover life without them is just not possible you begin to talk about the future. How many kids will be born to this union, the dream home, the careers, vacations and the list goes on. The conversation that must be had most likely never comes to mind until it happens…..I know my husband and … Read More The Hardest Conversation You Must Have: How and what to expect when planning a loved ones funeral Part 1

I’m Okay

Growing up knowing my Chickasaw ways [beliefs and superstitions] my Granny taught me to pay careful attention to my dreams.  When I had a dream I was not sure about what I would tell her and she would ask me questions like, when the person was speaking was their mouth moving, or did you feel anything for example if I was hit with something … Read More I’m Okay

Jealousy and Grief

 I never thought I would experience jealousy while grieving for my husband.  But, I am…..and doing very poorly at it.  The last thing I want to do is be jealous! This part of grief is challenging to explain to others.  I have to remember that I cannot explain the impact of this loss to someone who has not experienced first hand, and even then, … Read More Jealousy and Grief

Triggers – The Struggle is Real

Let’s talk about triggers.  Triggers are real, and they are everywhere, and they slap you in the face when you least expect it. There have even been moments I faced a trigger, and it caught me by complete surprise. Even living with anxiety and PTSD, I never really experienced too many triggers until after Eric passed.    Triggers are defined as flashbacks that take … Read More Triggers – The Struggle is Real

I broke my daughter’s heart

As parents, more than anything, we want to protect our children. I know I would go to the ends of the earth to ensure my children were safe – especially their little tender hearts.On May 16th, I broke that promise and broke my baby girl’s heart. Her Daddy had just passed hours before. The day started so wonderful and ended in tragedy.May 16th was … Read More I broke my daughter’s heart

My husband helps make the clouds

The first loved one that past that I remember had to be my PaPa.  I remember being close to him and my Mema.  I remember he was this tall thin mad who smiled all the time – even after being diagnosed with cancer.  Ever picture of the two of us was of him smiling.  When he passed away, I was very young, maybe 6 … Read More My husband helps make the clouds

Forever My Alway

My life with Eric was an adventure; he kept me in stitches every day of our lives together. He would never think of himself as an artist, creative, or patient, but he was. He loved to create things with his hands. When Olivia was in pre-K, she has an assignment to make a pumpkin into a book character. By no means was this a … Read More Forever My Alway

The Love Story

I first met my husband, Eric, when we were in the fifth grade. Now he says he fell for me at that time but did he? We went all through elementary, junior high, and high school together but never dated. He was on the State Champion Baseball team and I was in the band – Go Byng Pirates! After graduating from high school, he … Read More The Love Story